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Power of Inner Images

Conclusions from early childhood are emotional conclusions that has a deep anchor in the unconscious and from there they affect your life.
Emotional conclusions are firmly entrenched as unconscious images that fix energetic feelings and ideas and provide ongoing conflicts in one's life.

Many people do not know, or don't realize that their inner images define their lives.
If you think that life is heavy, painful or meaningless, then you assume that life and you are two different affairs. That is not so, you and life is the same. You determine your life, partly because of your unconscious inner images.
What you (un)concious believe, you encounter the same in the reality of your life.

Problems are often treated as symptoms, then you just feel a relief when they are removed, but later on in life the problem comes back in the same or in a different form, because it does not address the source of the problem.

Symptoms are however very important to investigate, instead of deleting them, because they contain important information about yourself. Symptoms are easily translated into symbols and metaphors.

Imagery can occur in several ways:
@ A guided imagery with collective symbols that can ease your own symbols coming up...
@ A casual Imagination from a conversation where spontaneous metaphors arise which you could explore.
@ Working with clean language.

Clean Language is developed by David Grove.
In this method the coach wants in his questioning to be as close as possible to the world of the client, without provide interpretations from his own worldview.

you can see a good and simple example in the following video: # video


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F e n g S h u i

is an ancient Chinese knowledge that aims to create a harmony between environment, the building and people who live in it.
Feng Shui Consultations are available for homes and businesses.

The benefit from a Feng Shui consultation is that by balancing the energies, we bring an auspicious influence on our health, wealth and relationships.
Xuan Kong Fei Xing ("Flying Stars"), which is the authentic Chinese Time-Space Feng Shui method is used for my consultations.
This method uses the prevailing energies at the time your property was constructed, which can be calculated with Chinese/Japanese astrology, the so called "Flying Star Chart".


Feng Shui is about Time ~ Space ~ Man.

*Space: the earth where we live on.
*Man: who is responsible for his actions.
*Time: is heaven luck - like the moment you are born.

It is also a moment in time when a building is constructed. The energy, captured in the structure, is expressed by numbers or "Stars".
"Stars" are only concepts of energy qualities. Within a certain system (9* Ki, Feixing), we can analyse and interprete the symbols. But only with our intentions we create power to the Qi.


The forms in the environment have a big influence on the Stars. Also the timeliness.
There are Nine periods of 20 years in the system of Xuan Kong Feixing.

Each house built in a certain period has the energy of this period (Time Star). Except Time stars, you have Water stars (for wealth) and Mountain stars (for health and relationship).

The benefits from Feng Shui are that by harmonizing the energies, we can improve the Qi influence in our living space, so we have a better opportunity to change our life in a better way.
Life is growing and changing in an enduring movement. We have to dissolve the disharmonies in ourselves and in our living space to transform negative energy into positive life experiences.

In my Feng Shui practice I use a compass (luopan) to measure the magnetic earth energy.
Also the "Facing" (the most yang side of the building) and the "Sitting" (the most yin side of the building) will be defined.
Together with the period in which the house is built, the energy chart of the house is made.

I also calculate the birth/energy number (Ming Gua) of the occupant, to see if there is a good qi match between house and occupant(s).


      What I need for a consultation:

    • your birthdate and if possible the time of birth.
    • year of construction of your house
    • a floorplan on scale.

    A consultation consists of two visits:

    In the first visit I will perform the intake, analyse the house and surroundings and take compass readings.
    Afterwards I need some time to make and study the qi chart of the house and your energychart and to make a written report.

    In the second visit I will explain the chart, give advise and will inform you how to apply the adjustments.


    * More info about Feng Shui:Feng Shui (pdf)


    You can always email me for questions:~Contact~


    An example of a "Flying star chart":

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